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Tower Defense - Invasion TD

Tower Defense - Invasion TD

4.8 (299)

Strategy | 67.9MB

Price: $Free


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★★THE BEST NEW Tower Defense in 2017! ★★
Tower Defense – Invasion TD
with new breakthroughs, and there are dramatic improvements in Defense game category brought more enjoyable experience.
TD Game
is one of the best strategy games that you should play! Not like the other TD games such as Bloons TD or Kingdom Rush, this Defense game has its own interesting features.
You may have played many of Tower Defense games, but Galaxy Defense has tons of different challenging maps. Each map has its own unique that always ready to test your skills. This TD game must be the best one you ever have.
is threatened, become a legendary Defender, fight against the evil monsters, bring peace back to your Kingdom in this Tower Defense.
Defense game
absolutely free. In particular, this Defense game version is optimized for game content, which makes you can download faster without wifi connection.
#### Map system variety and special compared to the Tower Defense game in the market:
-Tower Defence has two modes "Normal" and "Endless" for you to choose to protect Kingdom.
- 20 Normal
maps and 2 Endless maps in this Infinite War
- Collectively attractive regions with diverse terrains such as volcanoes, deserts, cities, ... do not repeat to create a new feeling when playing this
Defense game
#### Graphics and Sound:
Tower Defense – the best strategy Realm Defense game
Tower Defence game
is invested in the detail of graphics, which gives you the truest sense and you have to impressed with it.
Moreover, Tower Defense – Invasion TD also be invested carefully on sound, this game would give you an exciting experience.
#### Advanced weapons system
This Tower Defence have the best weapon systems which have been investing a lot of gray matter, each weapon has different functions and using weapons on time is the key strategy to win in
Tower Defense games
. 15 Tower, 4 special weapons for you to try.
#### Modern weapon system in the game
- Tower Defense is the Tower game with advanced weapons system to defence.
- Each weapon in the Kingdom rush has different functions:
+ Defend Weapons which only used to shoot flying monsters,
+ Defend Weapons which can shoot both flying monsters and normal monsters
+ Defend weapon which reduces the speed of the monster
+ Special weapons such as Mega Bomb, Gravity field, Neutralizing Zone help you get the best
#### Enemies System
Enemy like aircraft, tanks and sophisticated weapons are fully utilized. Players must have the right strategy and great agility to achieve absolute 5 stars after each screen in this Tower Defense game.
#### How to play this Tower Defense game:
- Choose the mode, select the map to play, select the strategic weapons and try your best in Tower Defense
- Upgrade weapons, using tactics to destroy all enemies, defend the territory.
- Defender can get the gems and surprise gifts when playing this Tower Defense game.
- Defender can choose to play normal or increase the speed to twice
Let's play this
Tower Defense Game
, you will be a best general in the Kingdom. This TD game has diversified mission system with many levels of difficulty waiting for you to conquer and stride.
Applications should be granted the following permissions:
+[READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE]: Permission to save necessary game data externally
+[GET_ACCOUNTS] This right is need for the linkage and notification between your game account and google account information.
+[READ_CONTACTS, READ_PHONE_STATE] Permission to sync your Address Book and access device status for Friend Invites.
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What's New

Change map balancing
Fix some bugs



Update: 2017-10-27

Version: 1.6

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later



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User Review

Pretty good so far will update once I'm more
Playing on the Nvidia Shield Tablet. So glad I spent money on this.. I enjoy the constant crashes. Really adds to the immersion [/sarcasm] FIX YOUR BLASTED GAME! UPDATE: 6 months later and the crashes are worse.
It needs more upgrades. Or maybe a loot system and being able to add parts to the towers. Its okay. But its missing that essential part that gets people hooked. Maybe add base building or a hero to choose which you can put armor on him and change his guns and abilities. But upgrades are what us tower defense players crave. The more upgrades and building aspects the Bette. Good luck
Good game but it crashes a lot when doing the hardest difficulty
It suddenly go out of the game when I play the unlimited wave. Once I reach wave 20 or more. Its frustrating when i starting to love this game
I like the game and everything just fine but I don't have the glue cannon or the sniper tower. I can buy upgrades for them but don't have the tower. Other than that great game.

User Review

    Playing on the Nvidia Shield Tablet. So glad I spent money on this.. I enjoy the constant crashes. Really adds to the immersion [/sarcasm] FIX YOUR BLASTED GAME! UPDATE: 6 months later and the crashes are worse.


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